*NEW* Navy Memories | Central Park Diaper Bag
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*NEW* Navy Memories | Central Park Diaper Bag

Designer Diaper Bag and Baby Changing Station

Price: $198

The Navy Memories Bushka Bag!
“Special inside and out!

When dreaming up the perfect diaper bag the team at Bushka Bag had two things in mind: fashion and function.  For mom, we wanted to create the fabulous appearance of a designer handbag, and for Baby we wanted to create an amazing, plush, home-away-from-home changing space.  As a bag, we wanted it to act like a bag with easy access to anything while over your shoulder.  When opened for changing Baby, we wanted mom to be able to see and grab all she'll need with just one hand.  From it's conception, the Bushka Bag was created to be the perfect bag for both Mom AND Baby!!!
After hours of development and countless prototypes we think that our dream diaper bag has come to life...  But we won't know for sure until you decide!!!

We've incorporated the best of everything:
Chic and on-trend designer prints for the exterior.
Genuine leather trimmings.
100% cotton chenille changing pad that unsnaps for easy cleaning.
Top Quality Brass and Nickel Hardware.

List of Interior Pockets:
2 clear bottle pockets
3 clear "everything" pockets (diapers, food, toys, clothing, etc)
1 concealed, waterproof lined, zipper pocket (perfect for dirty clothes and cloth diapers).
1 Hidden, cloth "Bonus" pocket (for anything).
1 Exterior pocket (perfect for all your "need it quick" items such as phones, wallets, etc.)

Bushka: a diaper bag,
a changing station…
Incredible fashion!

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